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By GAGM - Feb 15, 2015

The dress is just beautiful!!!! I had a problem with the zipper and had to have it change, but overall everyone said the dress was amazing.

By Philmisch - Feb 21, 2017

I've got one and was perfect.Thank you😙😙😙

By IKAmouse - Jul 19, 2016

Fitted well based on measurements given; nice material. Thanks for making me the excellent wedding dress! Thanks!

By Larissa84 - Jul 17, 2015

It is a beautiful dress and I like it. It is a little bit tight but if I lose some weight (which I am working on) it will be perfect. The dress is well made and the details on the dress looks amazing. The dress is decorated with beaded lace appliques.  Customer service is there to answer any questions that you may have.  Great variety and extremely affordable pricing. Looking to buy again.

By brie - Mar 31, 2016

I've placed my order one week before, and I am worried about it because I have never bought from dressilyme. I am wonder if it is safe. Wow, I got the call from the post office and the person said my package has reached here. I am so excited and I can't wait to put on my new dress. Very very beautiful!! Love dressilyme very much!!

By Littlelacy - Aug 13, 2014

It was great quality and unique design, I quickly fell in love with it. Shipping was fast and painless. I would gladly do business again with dressilyme.

By Raychel M - Aug 27, 2014

I chose this dress for my wedding for the dancing party!I wore it all the wedding. All and all it was perfect! I did my dnce choreaography with it and it lifts up as I danced! Thanks!

By SomaZee - Jul 16, 2015

I have ordered four times from this site. First time I was a bit sceptical, because all those bad reviews but when I recived the package I was super satisfied. The quality was great and the product was 'as seen on the page'. Customercare service is also very nice, there has never been a problem with refound or something else. I will continue to buy here, since they have great choice and price for items. Definitely recommend shopping on this site. The only thing is (since I am from Europe) that it usually takes 1 month to recive the products (sometimes it's sooner, depends on dispatch time).

By zycieplayboya - Jul 11, 2015

Dressilyme has unique, stylish and great priced wedding dresses and they always have discounts. I've been satisfied with every order with them without a hitch from day one. This is prepared for my wedding in August. It is as gorgeous as I hoped. It looks very charming and  the fabric is high quality. The details on the dress is exquisite. I look forward to ordering from Dressilyme in the near future!

By xxsochaoticoo - Jun 29, 2015

I love shopping with Dressilyme because they have great prices! Not to mention that I don't have to leave my house! I shopped with them for my wedding party dress and it turned out stunning. It's a budget friendly way to spice up your wardrobe. :) Their sizing chart is very accurate and helpful. I've never had something fit poorly! I see a lot of positive feedback on the site, and I can see the pictures posted by other cstomer. I've always had my orders arrive within the estimated shipping times. Love this site!

By juli_eye - Jun 24, 2015

WOW...The dress is awesome. It fits me flattering and show my curves well. But the dress is a little snug around my chest area, however, it is not too tight.  The details on the dress is delicate and amazing.  I am thankful to the service representative for responding promptly and answer my question usefully and kindly. I will recommend this site to my friends.

By LAURA - Jun 02, 2015

im so scared to order from this website ... 
i need this dress before the 18th of june does anyone think is going to be with me by then :/

By katherinelouis.. - May 26, 2015

It is a stunning dress. The dress is high quality with delicate details. The fabric feels soft. I am very very happy with the quality of my purchase. It is exactly as pictured if not better. I will continue to purchase from this site and I highly recommend it! Great job Dressilyme !!!!!!

By fhil_rus85 - May 18, 2015

I have ordered many things from dressilyme before. This is a gorgeous dress that the sheer back design makes the dress look charming. The site always has a good contact with the custumer service.  For the people who think they are bad its not true! You have to know the time-difference if you want to 'live chat' with them. Good reseller!

By Joce89 - May 13, 2015

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By kbartist4 - Apr 21, 2015

The dress is gorgeous with delicate and beautiful details. The dress looks charming on me, I love it. And they have excellent customer service who will reply back to you within a day or two.  It is coming from China so it is expected to take a while, so if you are in no rush to receive what you order than go for it.

By Mel - Apr 15, 2015

Hi I would like to know about the dress .The dress  is the same of the photo? I would like to buy very soon for my wedding .

By Marge - Mar 25, 2015

I bought this dress for my wedding reception  in this summer. It is great fit and the beaded lace appliques is gorgeous! The back design is glamorous. I really like this style of dress and I wish it came in black to buy another prom dresses.

By Maggie Helvie - Mar 17, 2015

The detachable train is special for the the dress, but it looks a bit strange. I preper to wear the dress without the detachable train. The spaghetti straps are snug for me.   It is a sexy and glamorous dress.

By Zabrina - Feb 18, 2015

I love this dress! It is super sexy without revealing too much. And the quality is great - the lace is attached to the lining and hems are solid.

By marisol - Jan 29, 2015

hola soy de Ecuador quiero comprar este vestido, como realizo la compra?
i am from Ecuador want to buy this dress, as performed purchase?

By Becky Jin - Dec 26, 2014

Thanks very much! I was totally impressed with the quality of this dress. Everyone at the wedding, complimented on how beautifully this gown was made. I will come again

By madichrist - Dec 14, 2014

j aimerais cette robe mais avec un décolleté si grand, est ce possible?

By Karlie - Dec 06, 2014

I picked this dress for my wedding in January, and it proved that this is the best choice for a winter wedding! Love it so much!

By Karen - Dec 05, 2014

Hola a todas chicas mi boda es ahora, soy de colombia quisiera saber de sus experiencias de compra:!!! :D help me:! :D este vestido es un sueño es hermoso, :D asi que me gustaria alguna colombiana que halla comprado:!!!! para contactarla ??? :D quedo pendiente:! 

By Jessica Chen - Nov 24, 2014

It fits great & looks very great on me,will be outstanding for my wedding. I love the look and quality very much.

By Radmilane O - Nov 16, 2014

Just received my dress today for my wedding,Dress is Beautiful and looks great on..I will be using this web site to purchase all the gifts for the guests and everything else...All i can say is thankyou!

By Ashely Kitty - Nov 15, 2014

I was a bit nervous about buying something as important as a wedding dress sight unseen, but OMG I am thrilled with the result. I´m very satisfied. The dress fits perfectly and very good quality. 5 stars dress.

By taby - Nov 13, 2014

Hola consultas..  ¿el vestido viene con el velo ? y ¿cuales son los accesorios que necesito pedir junto con el vestidos?

By taby - Nov 12, 2014

Hola buenas noches, me gustaría saber que otros accesorios que debo comprar para el vestido por favor y cuales son las condiciones con envió a Chile.

By Teresa - Nov 08, 2014

I Absolutely Love My dress its perfect.. I couldn't ask for a better dress absolutely the right choice for me…

By Stacie - Nov 07, 2014

I was wondering about buying a dress online, but your customer service  made me feel a LOT more seccure. They are very professional and polite. It is being a great experience to buy here.

By Tyetta - Oct 27, 2014

The dress has arrived quickly.I'm so in love with dress. I can't wait to wear it! The dress is exactly what you see in the pictures.

By eliza - Oct 24, 2014

I ordered this dress two weeks ago and it was delivered today!! So fast! And I was absolutely amazed at how they nailed it. I was so scared to be dissapointed but it exceeted my expectations!!

By ling - Oct 24, 2014

I got the dress less than 1 month as stated and was impressed with the quality although there are a few beads embroidery which has loose sewing but overall it is greater than my expectation. The customer service was top notch and I would definitely shop with DressilyMe again!

By cindy lenis - Oct 23, 2014


By andrea - Oct 23, 2014

Hola me encanta el vestido!! Quiero saber si podria quedarme, soy mas delgada q la de la foto... Y tambien saber si me mandan a madrid españa. Graciass

By Candy Girl - Oct 13, 2014

I just got back my dress today that only took 30 days!!! The ordering and shipping was effortless!! I was pleased with the quality, material and design !! You guys did an awesome job on my dress!!! Thank u soooooo much!  .. And it was cheap ! Can't beat that with a stick !!  I will be ordering my reception and junior bride dress from you guys!!.. I will tell everyone about you!!

By shahy wahba - Sep 24, 2014

i ordered my wedding dress in September 4,2014  and i received in September 22,2014 it was so fast and  it's perfect iam very happy for the dress and for the serve's and the quality every thing is perfect I would recommend this site to all brides who want a beautiful dress on her wedding. thank you and best wishes 

By Alie - Sep 14, 2014

I ordered my wedding dress August 22 2014, it was custom made. Like every bride I was nervous to order a dress on line but I had fallen in love with it as soon as I saw it. I just got my dress September 11 2014 (way sooner than expected) and was totally blown away with the quality and detail of my dress!! I love love love it. I would recommend this site to all brides who want a beautiful dress on a budget.

By Cristina - Sep 05, 2014

I wanted something not on the extremes - something mature and yet princessy. The lace details just tones down the entire princess appeal for me. I love it so much.

By cinn - Sep 10, 2014

lo mas hermoso q he visto!!!!

By Jennifer - Aug 27, 2014

I was a little unsure about ordering a dress online but when I got the dress it was beautiful.The dress was amazing and the attention to detail was great.

By Emily - Aug 26, 2014

Love love my dress!Shipment was very fast. Just in time for my wedding this weekend! It fits perfectly, and is just what I wanted. Love my dress and Dressilyme!

By Nahed Salem - Aug 26, 2014

The quality of the dress is outstanding and my order was a custom measurements,it fit my figure very much. I'm very happy with my purchase and am definitely recommending Dressilyme to my friends!

By Jasmine - Aug 26, 2014

Dress was even nicer and prettier than I had imagined.it was a great fit especially the special train. Very pleased overall and I loved the color for our wedding!

By Deborah - Aug 25, 2014

Thank you so much guys! Bought this for our wedding, and my husband actually gave me compliments instead of the usual complaints. Was a little tight on the bust area though. Good dress!

By Phoebe - Aug 25, 2014

Expect to buy my wedding dress from here,and it really looks perfect when I wear it to my wedding.Thanks guys. I'd come back for another round of spree!

By Mary Smith - Aug 25, 2014

A stunning dress.I find this classy pretty wedding dress the best for me. The sexy back and lace beading appliques  making me feel like a princess marrying her prince charming!

By CICHIC - Aug 25, 2014

Definitely Im in favor of the awesome spaghetti straps neckline. The natural waistline is gorgeous too. Great design! Simpleyet elegant. Love this wedding dress!

By Apolo - Aug 25, 2014

What a stunning wedding dress at an affordable price! The beaded lace appliques and and special for the train make the dress great. Its picture perfect in every angle. I’m so glad that with this wedding gown.

By Li Hannal - Aug 25, 2014

It really comes up with such an stylish wedding dress. I totally Love it, especially for
the shoulder design!

By Patric - Aug 18, 2014

I am super satisfied with my dress.How STUNNING this dress is!The customer service  offered great service with perfect fit of the dress, love it so much! I will come back again!

By Lauren De - Aug 06, 2014

Its beautiful as shown on the picture. I would recommend it to anyone. I'm a size 10 and it fits perfectly.