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By Stefanie - May 22, 2017

May I ask if anyone has real photos? Thank you

By Mandy - May 16, 2017

After buying this beautiful dress again,(with my measurement) I am now having to get it altered by a dress maker because this time it is to big. 
The dress is still well worth buying. Good quality well made dress.

By Mandy - May 09, 2017

Bought this grown in January this year ( 2017 ) It is to small for me. So bought it again in a much bigger size and it was to big. Having to get it altered now. I still have the 18 witch is more like a 12. The dress is beautiful that is why I pick it and bought it again

By Eliane Alves - Jan 27, 2017

Pode me enviar fotos originais do produto?

By Rachel - Jan 02, 2017

I am beyond ecstatic!!! This is my dream dress but I couldn't find a store that carries anything like it in plus size sample in several major cities. I ended up buying something my mother loved and I liked. I found this dress in an ad on Pinterest and decided to buy since it was a small investment. The dress came SO fast and it fits almost perfectly, no issue with plus sizing maybe the arm holes are a bit small. I am so in love. The lace is perfect and the buttons are beautiful. The dress is solid overall. My only complaints were that there was a slight pull in the tulle not noticeable. Its all good though, I am in love.