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By Breanna Villalobos - Mar 24, 2017

I ordered this dress and got it a month later to find it looked nothing like the picture, the back bottom looks likes its hanging on by a thread and it's horrible fabric that's completely uncomfortable. I would recommend not buying this dress

By Kristen Smith - May 22, 2017

If I could do Zero stars I would. I ordered my wedding dress from Dressilyme with lost of time before my wedding, and I paid for it and I never got my dress. I was very patient with them when I found out they put the wrong shipping address on the package (I found out by calling the post office states away). So it got sent back to them I was hoping they would send the dress back to me when they got it but because of the mess up the package got destroyed and when I asked for a refund they refused. I am now two months away from my wedding and have no wedding dress. 

By Breanna Villalobos - Mar 23, 2017

I accidentally hit five stars on the last review