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By Amanda66 - Apr 25, 2017

Sehr, sehr schönes Kleid. Ein absoluter Traum. Tolles Material, sehr gute Verarbeitung, schnelle Lieferung, passt perfekt. 

By ilejeune.lu - Jan 20, 2017

The color of the dress is really deep and nice, very royal in a way.

I do love the fact that the length of it is good for my height.

I do recommend it. Not difficult for the size with the strings behind.

By Sophia - Feb 23, 2017

I was pretty skeptical before buying this dress, I kept wondering if it would look exactly like the picture but it did! I was super pleased with this dress. It looked exactly like the picture. I was just pretty bummed that now it's way cheaper than what I got it for last year but overall amazing dress!

By andrea murcia - Dec 18, 2016

The dress is gorgeous. Its a bit tight on the hip, but its ok. It can be altered.