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By yennga - Jan 24, 2013

I really like this vail but i want it in ivory , its said here that the color as shown, i m not sure if it s white or ivory.. please let me know then i order it with my dress. Thank you very much!

By Jessica - Nov 21, 2016

The long layer is jointed by two pieces of separate tulle and there is a stitching thread  in the middle of it.-- Is there a way to get it with the long layer as one piece without a stitching thread through the middle??

By ghoulietta g - Mar 15, 2016

Long length veil! I love it so much,  really nice accessory

By mariela - Jun 20, 2013

I like too much this, can i get one but in white colour, or diamond white  and a small lace in the corner of the one tier ?

By coolie - Jan 29, 2013

Will it go over my face and does it come with a clip?

By Princess Bride* - Jan 26, 2013

Could I get this in white with a ribbon trim? Also does this cover your face?

By coolie - Jan 24, 2013

I also want it in Ivory...