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By MaggieC - Feb 08, 2016

I bought this petticoat to go with a ballgown dress. I was surprised when I received it that it was not just layers and layers if tulle, it's actually one layer of Polyester (I think) with a wide hoop in it around the bottom to keep it open, and then a layer of stiff tulle.

This product was exactly what I wanted for my dress, it works perfectly. However, I do have 2 comments about it.

1) The product says 1 size fits all, and I emailed them about what the measurements are because I am plus sized (at the time I ordered it I was 235 lbs). Their reply said not to worry about size because it would fit all sizes. I actually disagree with that statement, if I had been 10 or 20 lbs heavier it would have been very uncomfortably tight around my midsection. It did fit me, however, so I am not dissatisfied, I just warn any plus sized brides out there to look for something you can try on first, or something that has measurements or sizes listed.

2) The seam at the hips where they attached the tulle to the top leaves a rough edge of tulle inside against your hips or legs or stomach, depending on how high you wear the garment. This scratched me and was uncomfortable. I think on the big day I will be wearing shape-wear, so it wont have contact with my skin, but it would be better if something could be done about that edge (like maybe put some bias tape on it to cover the raw edge?). 

Still, with these minor complaints I was still very happy with the product. I love the fact that it is a hoop because it allows my legs to breathe, and gives me more room to walk! I'm wearing a ballgown which is pretty heavy, so leaving out any extra weight is a plus!

Pictured is the slip (sorry about the lighting, I hung it from my ceiling fan). I also show you what it looks like inside with the hoop, and what it looks like on me. Also attached is a picture of the dress I am wearing it under, so that you can see the pop and fullness it gives. 

By Sophia - May 13, 2014

I wore this under my wedding dress and it was perfect.  Good length, adjusts for what kind of volume you want, and is light weight and easy to maneuver in.